Monday, 23 May 2016

Meeting 23.05.16

The School Council met with Mrs Montet to discuss the designs submitted by the school for the mosaic.
Designs (or aspects of designs) that were liked were:
  • Children holding hands
  • A shield
  • A rainbow
  • House Group Colours as a Four Coloured Rainbow
  • Subjects that the school excels at illustrated; Music, PE/Sport/Competitiveness, Friendship, Happiness, Reaching Goals, Reading, Trophy
  • A circle quartered
  • Book, Sport, Music, Reading, Art
Mrs Montet explained that with a Mosaic, detail is lost with the tiles if the picture is too detailed.  The children discussed the type of border and decided a bold one would be better.

Mrs Montet agreed to go away and sketch up a few designs based on the suggestions and likes of the children. 

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