Monday, 11 July 2016

Meeting 11.07.16

Presentation of the finalised Mosaic Design to Mrs Kilpatrick

The Pupil Council explained to Mrs Kilpatrick the process by which the finalised designs were chosen.
The Pupil Councillors explained to Mrs Kilpatrick the various aspects of the chosen designs that were liked.
The Pupil then presented their final ideas to Mrs Kilpatrick (from previous minutes), with the addition of BHJS to the shield.
Mrs Kilpatrick then proposed an alteration of keeping the border (perhaps alternating the colours more), the tree and the green but by some way adding children to the design.
The design ideas will now be passed on to Mrs Montet for her professional opinion.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Pupil Council 30.06.16

The Pupil Council met to discuss the proposed mosaic designs made from the suggestions and talk with the mosaic artist (Audrey Montet).
Mrs Montet had taken the children's designs and the likes of the Pupil Council and presented three designs for the Pupil Council.
Comments were:
Lola: liked the St Albans Tree Design... Its a simple design/St Albans Flag - maybe change the border
Aliyah: liked the simple design, maybe change border
Talya: liked the border, simple design, effective, maybe change the border
George: liked the design with the rainbow, maybe the people would be a bit complex, maybe extend design into a circle
Inesh: likes rainbow design, the rainbow needs to be more rainbow coloured, lose triangles, more presentable, more things to do with our school
Kobi: likes the design with the St Alban's flag, liked the shield idea, remove border add house point border
Jean: liked the rainbow design, change border, add gem idea

Overall consensus:
House Point Border agreed
Center Tree agreed
St Albans Flag agreed

Next we will go back to Mrs Montet and ask her to redesign before taking it to Mrs Kilpatrick.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Meeting 23.05.16

The School Council met with Mrs Montet to discuss the designs submitted by the school for the mosaic.
Designs (or aspects of designs) that were liked were:
  • Children holding hands
  • A shield
  • A rainbow
  • House Group Colours as a Four Coloured Rainbow
  • Subjects that the school excels at illustrated; Music, PE/Sport/Competitiveness, Friendship, Happiness, Reaching Goals, Reading, Trophy
  • A circle quartered
  • Book, Sport, Music, Reading, Art
Mrs Montet explained that with a Mosaic, detail is lost with the tiles if the picture is too detailed.  The children discussed the type of border and decided a bold one would be better.

Mrs Montet agreed to go away and sketch up a few designs based on the suggestions and likes of the children. 

Friday, 20 May 2016

Meeting 20.05.16

Pupil Council Views on the Mosaic Designs

The Pupil Council met today to look at the designs submitted for the school mosaic competition.  Designs were chosen to be presented to the mosaic artist.  No one design was chosen but 10 designs were chosen for an aspect/s that the pupils liked.
The Council will now meet the mosaic artist and present their ideas next week.

Monday, 21 March 2016

6th Meeting 29.02.16

Arts Week Presentation
The Pupil Council met to be allocated Visiting Artists for Arts Week.
It was decided each member would undertake a brief interview with the visiting artists to recount to the school in a presentation at the Arts Week Assembly on 10/03/16.
The Pupil Council were each allocated an artist and an interview pack to help create their Presentation.

Friday, 27 November 2015

5th Meeting 2015-2016

Subject: Assembly Preparation

This meeting used to prepare for Whole School Assembly w/c 33.11.2015

Next Meeting: January 2016

4th Meeting 2015-2016

Subject: Assembly Preparation

This meeting used to prepare for Whole School Assembly w/c 33.11.2015

Next Meeting: 27.11.2015