Monday, 26 January 2015


Bernards Heath Junior School

Pupil Council

Minutes of Meeting 26.01.15

Who made the suggestion?
Mr Reynolds made the suggestion to investigate what improvements could be made to the playground and what kind of things the children around the school would enjoy.
Julia and Millie researched play equipment and looked at pricing of equipment, the girls came up with a wishlist but stated their next action should be to spend more time interviewing school around the school, finding out what they'd like - now the girls have an idea of costs.

Tommy and Dillon researched prices and found out that children wanted more sprayed things, the most popular was sprayed chess.
A majority of children asked wanted some form of climbing wall or activity.
Dillon suggested another bin on the bottom playground as children have to walk a long way to dispose of their rubbish and Tommy had noticed a lot of children not bothering and littering.
The council the smiley face bins on p990 Herts Supplies.

Penny found out that most of the boys wanted more goals and again the idea of a climbing wall came up quite a lot from children around the school.
Benches on the bottom playground for children to rest when it's their day on the bottom playground.

Archie and Keeran discovered that most of the Year 5 boys wanted more packs of balls and equipment.
Millie and Julia will investigate further what the children around the school would like in the playground.

To investigate costs of play equipment more...

To look at other school websites to get ideas on things we could have installed here.

Bins on playground
Litter pickers selected daily

Penny to have a look at the Herts Supply catalogue to find out costs of goals etc

Penny to look at costs of benches suitable for lower playground

To investigate replacement equipment for the equipment bags used on lower playground.

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